Zuma is not an ANC member

Zuma is not an ANC member

There is a lingering question on why the African National Congress (ANC) is not taking decisive action against its former President Jacob Zuma now that he is in clear violation of the party’s constitution; and leading a party named after the historical heritage of the liberation party and even competing for elections.

“Zuma is not a member of the ANC; he is being suspended and charged. The day of his dismissal and whether he will be dismissed and all of that, it is a matter that will be determined by the ANC’s disciplinary committee as the time goes on,” said the Secretary General of the ANC Fikile Mbalula.

Jacob Zuma is the first President of both the country and that of the ruling party since democracy to have broken away from his party of origin and actually challenge the ruling the party. It is a bitter pill for the ANC to see one of its heroes who was involved in the struggle and rose to the highest echelons of the party as President and even became President of the country for two terms break away and slander the party while at it.

Fikile Mbalula says Zuma has been charged and that was communicated to him by the relevant committee, but he has not responded to any of the allegations or charges, instead, he opted to pursue counter revolutionary course using ANC symbols and intellectual asserts. He said Zuma has been deceptive in his operations, because when he started out, he said he will support uMkhonto weSizwe (MK), but now he is their leader.

“It tells you the modus operadi of the party itself that, the modus operandi of the party has actually been a clandestine operation; which in itself has worked with broader forces in the country, which it has claimed that it is going to build a front of black political parties, if not a melty pot and Jacob Zuma has now become a figure head of that front which we characterise as counter revolution in political terms.

Because it is firmly against what we stand for as the African National Congress; so he is not a member of the ANC. The decision has been taken, we have communicated that decision and it is very clear to everybody, he has not contested it and he has gone on to claim his space and lead his political party in whatever way he does,” said the ANC SG.

Mbalula says Jacob Zuma, who was a hero of the ANC and that of the country and now turned valiant, is using ANC property for his newly formed political party and the liberation party will not take that lying down, they will challenge him in court.


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