Zuma is coming for the ANC

Zuma is coming for the ANC

The Leader of uMkhonto weSizwe (MK) Jacob Zuma has made his intentions clear that when they assume office in government, they will be coming for the African National Congress (ANC) and expel the corrupt within the party.

Zuma said him being outside the liberation party is a move to rescue the party and take it back later. He said it is like when thieves attack your home, you may run away, but one will return much stronger with assistance from fellow brothers and take back the house.

Jacob Zuma told MK supporters after court proceedings on Tuesday in Bloemfontein, that now is the right time to have MK party, and they need to be victorious over the ANC with votes and get a two thirds majority to be government. He said they are going to compete with the ANC.

“We are going to bring it back, because the ANC is an inheritance from our grandparents, once we are in government, we are going to bring it back and bring it to us. We are going to expel the corrupt from it. We are not going to give them the ANC,” said Jacob Zuma.


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