Rise Mzansi can bring about actual change

Rise Mzansi can bring about actual change

Sound and strategic economic policies are key to any State in the globe as they determine how its economy is going to thrive; it determines the prosperity of the people in the country. Rise Mzansi says, it is competent to take the country to an economic Canaan should it be in power.

Outlining what Rise Mzansi is all about, the Free State Convenor Nomsa Marchesi; says the manifesto of the party is pro-black and is bout reviving the economy of South Africa and that of the Free State.

Marchesi has extensive experience in politics; while a member of the Democratic Alliance (DA), she served as a member of parliament, serving as Whip; she later became Deputy Minister of Women, Youth and Persons with Disabilities; she was an additional member of the Police with a focus on gender based violence.

Marchesi was also a member of the Portfolio of Basic Education in Parliament.

The Bloemfontein born leader holds a BSc in microbiology and biochemistry from the University of the Free State (UFS). Nomsa Marchesi also boasts international experience as she later ventured overseas to further her studies and worked in Ireland as a clinical researcher; she later returned to South Africa and obtained an honours degree in Pharmacology at UFS while working as a researcher for the university before venturing into politics.

Nomsa Marchesi says Rise Mzansi believes in education; in order to run the country successfully, they will deploy qualified people into office. Though she said she has no ambitions to run for Free State Premier in the upcoming elections, Marchesi said Rise Mzansi is however participating in some municipalities in the Free State including Mangaung, Matjhabeng, Metsimaholo and Maluti-A-Phofung.

At the centre of the manifesto of Rise Mzansi is an equal South Africa for everyone who lives in it.

“As one of our cornerstones within Rise Mzansi, is to say, we have to make sure that no one goes to sleep without a meal;” said Marchesi.

The Convenor says the people told the party that they need people in government who know what they are doing, educated persons who can actually lead the country successfully. Marchesi says South Africa has a leadership deficit and is about time for people who know what they are doing to lead the country.

“What we have done is that, we have invited different people to apply to be members of parliament- but at least they have to have a degree or an N7 level for them to be a premier candidate; and we are not going to compromise on that, we want people who really know what they are doing. In order for the country to move forward, to grow our economy, we need people who know what they are doing because at the moment the country’s purse is not growing” she said.

Land distribution is one of the hottest issues in South Africa, Marchesi says Rise Mzansi will not deal with the issue from a historic perspective but rather from the present; the party will look at who needs land now, today, and give people land from that point than follow the long process of who lost land during the land dispossession era.

According to Nomsa, people are warming up to the messages of Rise Mzansi and she is confident that the party will do well in the upcoming elections. She says the party is aiming for one seat at national and two seats in Free State.


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