Preventing water related wars

Preventing water related wars

The Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) together with the Department of Economic, Small Business, Tourism and Environmental Affairs (DESTEA) visited a farm school Tierpoort, Kgotsofalo Primary School as part of celebrating water week.

The visit, which is part of many other visits to other schools across the Free State province, was also a build up to Baswa le Meetse competition by DWS whereby learners will showcase their talents in poetry, drama, posters, dance and singing to communicate or show how water can be used sparingly.

Marcus Monyakeni the Communication Specialist for DWS taught the learners about the importance of using water sparingly and how that can prevent wars over water with other ethnic groups and countries. He further challenged the learners to come up with ways to spare water, which they said it can be done by using cups to drink water instead of using your hand. Take short showers, close the tap after using it and brushing teeth and washing hands.

DESTEA also taught learners about the environment and its importance, and that humans are to care for the environment they live in. the learners were further educated on how to properly wash their hands using soap, while saving water as well.

The School’s Principal Madikeledi Seepamore expressed joy for the two departments to visit her farm school located 42 kilometres outside Bloemfontein. She further invited the departments to continue to visit her school and enrol them for the Baswa le Meetse competition. Seepamore said her school is ready to showcase their talents in the competition and they are looking forward to participate in it.

She said the information they gave the learners will also extend to their parents, and it will help the learners to care for their environment as well now that they have been empowered.


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