Teen hockey sensation to play in Europe

Teen hockey sensation to play in Europe

Dintle Monenyane’s (13) dream to play overseas is well in sight as she has been chosen to be part of the all-star hockey team Blue Runnings Sports International (BRSI) that will tour Netherlands from 19 to 28 September 2024.

The grade 8 sensational hockey player started the sports from a humble age of four years, with her family as her biggest fans. Monenyane fell in love with hockey and never looked back. Due to the lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic, the star had to take a break from what she loves but resumed as soon as the lockdown was lifted.

Dintle Monenyane hails from Bloemfontein in the Free State, South Africa, and moved to another province, Kimberly where she is attending Vista Junior Academy. Monenyane plays hockey for Elite hockey ECHS.

While playing an international tournament in Upington, BRSI in partnership with Mustangs Hockey Group could not help but notice the brilliant player of international quality. Dintle was selected to be part of the team that will tour Netherlands.

“Me going to Netherlands is such a surprising thing, because I have never travelled so far in my life, but since I am going there, I am going to play for my people and for South Africa to show them that I really love hockey,” said Monenyane.

Dintle Monenyane is a player with a big heart, one of her ambitions is to share her talent through developing other young players by teaching them hockey. The philanthropy talented player says she loves hockey and was born for it and the best way to improve herself is by helping others to improve their hockey game.

Dintle says her mom is her biggest inspiration and supporter and wants to make her proud for the support that she has given her over the years.

“The person who was supporting me mostly in hockey was my mother, I have been through so much with her with my sport; that is why I want to thank her so much for doing this for me, that is why I went through to Netherlands; it was through her and her support and I will make her happy; with every benefit I have with hockey I will make her proud,” said a grateful Dintle Monenyane.

The trip, will however cost the young star R64 990 including tax, it will be her first time traveling abroad and to make her dream come true, she highly relies on sponsorship. Any contribution towards making her dream come true and play amongst the best in the world in hockey will be highly appreciated.

To make a contribution towards sponsoring the trip and contribute towards the future and development of hockey in South Africa, see BRSI banking details below.

Bank: Standard Bank

Account Name: Blue Runnings Sport International (PTY) LTD

Account Number: 032 677 499

Account type: Current

Reference: 2024_MH/G/DMonenyane


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