Rise Mzansi to resolve MAP water issues

Rise Mzansi to resolve MAP water issues

The Drakensberg Mountains Sentinels, otherwise known as Maluti-A-Phofung (MAP) Local Municipality has been having water troubles for eons on end; this has affected residents, business and the local economy. During its oversight visit, Rise Mzansi said it will fix the challenge once it assumes power after the elections.

The National Chief Organiser for Rise Mzansi Mr. Makashule Gana, accompanied by the National Youth Chapter Leader and Student Coordinator Mr. Lawrence Manaka and the Free State Provincial Convenor Ms. Nomsa Marchesi visited the municipality on Thursday, 16 May 2024, for an oversight visit over the challenges of water in the area.

The leaders visited one of the reservoirs, which was dripping water from one of the pipes at the top indicative that the reservoir is functional and has a lot of water. The leaders engaged with passing residents and asked them if they had water at their homes. Residents living just a mere 30 meters away from the reservoir said they have been without water for some time and have to travel a distance to fetch water.

Reacting to this, Gana said the travesty is reflective of the leadership instability in MAP and infrastructure issue.

“Going into the elections ourselves as Rise Mzansi; that is why we say we need new leaders, new leaders that are going to work with the communities to ensure that the basic needs like water go to the residents; because it can’t be that someone stays literally 50 metres from the reservoir, they can see the water but they cannot drink the water, they have to go far to get water.

That is a serious injustice and it is something that we ourselves as Rise Mzansi, as we get to represent the people, of not only Maluti-A-Phofung, not only of the Free State but the people of South Africa,” said Makashule Gana.

Gana said his party will advance and advocate for such issues of service delivery including the uninterrupted supply of water because water is life, he says if there is no water, it means that the municipality and government are trying to kill the local people, but they will fight for water until there is water in every home in MAP.

MAP has a lot of water passing through it including the Caledon River and has other dams; with this in sight, Makashule Gana alluded to the incompetence of the leadership of the municipality and government. The lack of water supply, according to the Chief Organiser, speaks to lack of planning, and the prevalent corruption taking place in the municipality.

“The money that is supposed to ensure that water flows to homes does not flow because people are prioritising stealing the money, so that is why as Rise Mzansi we say we need new leaders to sort out these issues; and those that have stolen the monies of this community deserve to go to jail, they must go to jail, their houses need to be taken, their clothes, and everything else that they have bought with stolen money needs to be taken so that the money is brought back so that these communities can have water,” said Gana.

Following the oversight at the reservoir, the leaders headed to the municipal offices to picket for water supply. Upon arriving, Gana pointed out the piled up rubbish next to the gate of the head offices of the municipality. He questioned if they themselves are unable to care for themselves and drive past the filth every morning and see nothing wrong with it, how can they take care of the community.

The picketing was followed by a mass community meeting where Gana urged members of society to vote the ruling party out of power on 29 May 2024 and vote for Rise Mzansi which will prioritise their needs.


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