America affirms its support for Ukraine

America affirms its support for Ukraine

It has been almost two years since Russia invaded Ukraine with the assumption that within months, they would have captured Ukraine, but Ukraine has shown some serious resilience and pushed back at the Russians inflicting serious damage on them.

With size of the Russian army, it was concluded by many, including Russia itself that Ukraine is going to be a walk in the park; but that was not to be. The United States of America (USA) openly declared their support for Ukraine from day one of the war.

The war has since affected the global economy with Germany being the hardest hit affecting about 2.5% of its GDP ($107 billion).

The Vice President of America Kamala Harris met with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Saturday 17 February 2024, at the Munich Security Conference where she reaffirmed the President of America’s undying support for Ukraine.

Harris said, since day one the United States stood by the side of Ukraine and that remains the case even today.

“You and I have had many conversations over these past two years.  And you have shown extraordinary courage and accomplishment on the battlefield.  And it has been a source of our pride and our commitment to democracy and to democratic principles to support you in every way we possibly can. 

And our support is unyielding and unending.  The President and I have a firm and solid commitment to you and the Ukrainian people,” said Vice President Kamala Harris.

Zelenskyy welcomed the support from the USA and said his country is very happy to have a strategic partner as America. He said his people are thankful for what the States has done for them, and for their support over the two years.

“But we need now your unity during such a challenging period for us.  And, of course, in the United States, challenging period.  We understand everything. We are happy that you are the leaders of support.  I think we have to continue it.  And today we will focus on some questions like defense, frozen assets, security issues, and micro-financial assistance,” said Zelenskyy.


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