MAP to resolve electricity supply issues

MAP to resolve electricity supply issues

Small businesses in Maluti-A-Phofung MAP have been struggling to stay afloat due to unwelcomed electricity supply cuts; residents themselves are frustrated with the municipality because of the inconvenience of being without power for days.

Rise Mzansi in the Free State led by its Free State Convenor Nomsa Marchesi and the National Leadership Collection (NLC) Member Faeeza Lok, marched to the offices of MAP municipality on Tuesday, 6 February, to ventilate the frustrations of the community and demanded, amongst others, uninterrupted electricity supply.

MAP has the potential of becoming one the Free State Province’s economic hub, it is a busy economy but water and electricity cuts impact negatively on productivity. To try and understand the cause of this, the Spokesperson for MAP municipality, Thabo Kessah explained to The Business Weekly the dynamics behind the electricity cuts that leave residents in the dark for days.

Kessah explained that, there are a number of reasons behind the electricity cuts; these include aging infrastructure, cable and transformers theft, vandalism of critical infrastructure, torrential rains that damage poles and lines as well as power demand that exceeds the supply as a result of illegal connections.

“Going forward, we hope that these challenges will become history as the municipality has now entered into a Distribution Agency Agreement (DAA) with the power utility, Eskom,” said Thabo Kessah.

According to Kessah, the electricity challenge is experienced by 32 villages that are supplied by one substation, which will from 15 February 2024, be maintained by Eskom; which will hopefully minimise the challenges going forward.

Water, electricity and roads are key to any economy throughout the globe and to investor confidence. Kessah explained that the municipality has put measures in place to resolve the challenges; with the provincial government on board, eight primary road projects have been launched in MAP last week and they will create hundreds of job opportunities for the locals. Resolving these key issues will certainly boost local economy.


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