Zibi says Rise Mzansi can do the job

Zibi says Rise Mzansi can do the job

More and more political parties are out and about to get voters to vote for them in the upcoming national and provincial elections. Rise Mzansi, the new kid on the block is promising voters a better alternative that will deliver quality services to the people.

The National Leader of Rise Mzansi Mr Songezo Zibi says the party is a better option as it is not made up by bitter break-away political individuals with political ambitions. He says Rise Mzansi exists purely because of the disaster that the country is facing, which is not a natural disaster but a manmade disaster; emanating from corruption and non-service delivery.

Zibi visited Mangaung Metro on Monday, 18 March 2024, where, flanked by the Free State Provincial Convenor Nomsa Machesi, conducted a door to door in 7 Days and Silver City, Bloemfontein and in Botshabelo to listen to the people’s grievances and woo their hearts to vote for Rise Mzansi.

Songezo Zibi made a stop at the incomplete housing project that started in 2003 and is still not complete in Silver City. Different contractors have been appointed to the project but none has managed to complete the project. To this, the National Leader said hundreds of millions have been spent and yet people are without homes and the housing project meant for the people remains incomplete while ANC tycoons eat the money meant for the project.

A new contractor has been appointed from February 2024 by the Department of Human Settlement and it is a 12 months contract to complete the housing project.

“They are going to use this money I know it, they are going to use this money for this elections. They want a contractor that they can give money to so that they can get some of the money for the elections so that they can stay in power and keep on approving this contract until there is no more money left in South Africa,” said Songezo Zibi.

Zibi says the problem in South Africa is not contractors but corrupt political leaders. He says people hold the power to remedy the current crisis by voting them out of power come 29 May 2024. He says the ANC must be voted out and people must put Rise Mzansi in parliament so that they can fight for the people from parliament.

“At Rise Mzansi we are promising only three things, one, we don’t make big promises, we don’t just say yes because people say we need one two three, we are very clear about the second thing; change comes from the people, not political parties. That is why our manifesto is a people’s manifesto, we went around the country, and the people told us what must be in our manifesto.

Then we said to the people, which is the third thing, you must choose the people that are going to go to parliament so that you can hold them accountable. So when you see our list, there will be no celebrity politicians there, its people whose names you have never heard off, because the South African people chose them. That’s what makes us different,” said the National Leader.

Amidst so many promises from different political parties during this electioneering period, Zibi says Rise Mzansi is not promising miracles and it will be going to parliament to fight, when decisions are made, they want to be part of the process monitoring everything, when something wrong is done, they will make noise and tell the people that they want to steal the people’s money and mobilse the masses to fight alongside with them.

When asked on how will Rise Mzansi deal with corruption should they be in parliament or in power, he said through transparency, every contract that is above R100 000 must be made public and advertised in newspapers for the public to see, in that way, they can see who is appointed and if they are associated with anyone in government.

He said those at the top involved in corruption must be arrested and everything must be confiscated from them and they must walk next to their shoes on the streets. Zibi believes that if those three things are done, corruption will get better in South Africa.


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