Zibi confident going into elections

Zibi confident going into elections

The National Leader of Rise Mzansi Mr Songezo Zibi accompanied by the Free State Convenor Nomsa Marchesi visited Mangaung Metro for an oversight visit on the second day of the special votes of the national and provincial elections on Tuesday, 28 May 2024.

Zibi, who has criss-crossed the country campaigning said his observations by far, the elections have gone relatively well in most places and in Mangaung things were smooth. However he raised concern over the taxi violence in his home town in the OR Tambo region, in particular King Sabata Dalindyebo (KSD) Municipality, Eastern Cape.

“There was no special voting yesterday that took place, and there also have been threats made against people who are campaigning saying they are going to be shot so people cannot campaign. There is a possibility that in that area, the election will not be free and fair, not because of political actors, but because of this issue,” he said.

For his final push message, Zibi said the country needs new leaders, the country cannot carry on with the people who have brought South Africa to the current crisis it is facing. He said people have many reasons to vote the ruling party out, sighting Nkandla, Phalaphala, Digital Vibes; the Giyani water project the incomplete housing project in Silver City in Mangaung, the former Premier of the Free State Ace Magashule who is now acting innocent.

“The second thing I want to say to anyone listening to this, not voting does not help, they want us not to vote, because they know if you are going to vote, we are going to kick them out, so if you stay at home, you are electing them without intending to do so because they want all the angry people to stay at home so that their supporters can vote for them to keep them. So all of us who are angry, we must go out and vote and vote for new leaders,” said Songezo Zibi.

Zibi says the baton is now in the voter’s hand, they have done all that they could criss-crossing the country; now it is up to the electorate. He says Rise Mzansi is aiming for as many votes as it can get, it is aiming to have representation in all legislature and in parliament, if they can achieve that, as a one year old political party, they would have done really well.

Going into the national election today, he said they are not nervous, instead the party is happy with the progress and momentum it has gained, everyone knows of Rise Mzansi and even political parties who have been around for over a hundred years are talking about Rise Mzansi and they have managed to get South Africans to believe that the country needs new leaders.

“We are not nervous at all, me I am going to have a good sleep tomorrow,” said the Rise Mzansi National Leader.

Zibi further affirmed voters that they will keep their promises after elections as they have signed contracts committing themselves to serving the people and to being accessible.

  “You are going to see us doing these meetings even after the elections, because it is also going to help establish a new political culture in South Africa where you don’t disappear for five years. That is also what is going to give us the edge.

We know these one’s are going to disappear, we are going to be here uncontested; by 2026 when they come back, they will not know what happened. So that is our culture, we stay, we don’t leave and people are going to see that we are different,” concluded Songezo Zibi.


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