Who will form part of the GNU?

Who will form part of the GNU?

The nation will be watching in anticipation to find out who will constitute the much awaited Government of National Unity (GNU) today in Cape Town in the first sitting of the National Assembly.

The ANC has been playing its cards to close to its chest; however, during the media briefing on Thursday evening, 13 June 2024, the Secretary General of the ANC Mr Fikile Mbalula did confirm that the party has engaged with 17 other parties including Patriotic Alliance (PA), Rise Mzansi, and the Democratic Alliance (DA) amongst others.

During the horse trading talks, the ANC and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) according to Mbalula had a fall out and could not find each other hence they are not amongst the listed parties currently engaged in talks. Also left out of the equation is the uMkhonto weSizwe (MK) Party.

Mbalula said the party is not at a stage of revealing the outcome or ongoing process of the talks but will make it public as soon as they reach an agreement with the other parties.

Though there is much criticism towards the ANC for getting in bed with the DA and Freedom Front Plus (FF+), saying the move will be a step backwards and towards the right and this will as a result reverse the gains of democracy.

Fikile Mbalula said theirs is to create a united none racial, none sexist and equal society. In the talks with the parties, he said there has been a break through as they have found common ground with the parties the ANC is engaging except a few who are not in support of the GNU.

“We believe that the agreement we make will be make public and will be engaged transparently as we move tomorrow towards the election of the President and the Speaker of the National Assembly and on Saturday to the NCOP, also to elect the Chair of the NCOP and other presiding officers,” said Mbalula.

He told the media that the ANC entered into the negotiations with an open mind and has invited everyone, even those who are opposed to the idea of GNU. He said the ANC is not afraid of a government of national unity and they will work within the GNU to represent their constituency which represents over six million South Africans who want to see change and development in the country.

The first sitting is expected to kick off at 10am. The Chief Justice Raymond Zondo will preside over the swearing in of members of parliament and the election of the Speaker. The Speaker will then take over to oversee the election of the Deputy Speaker. Judge Zondo will take over again to preside over the election of the President.

The National Assembly will be using secret ballots in electing the officials including the President.


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