Slow voter turnout in Thaba Nchu

Slow voter turnout in Thaba Nchu

Voter turnout in Thaba Nchu was relatively low during the national and provincial elections on Wednesday, 29 May 2024, with most voting stations empty after lunch time.

People were coming in in drips and drabs to cast their ballots. Some discouraged and voting without any hope of change while others were voting for change and are hopeful for a better future and state of affairs.

Mosidi Goitsimodimo (59), who was visibly excited to have voted once more for the ANC, said her vote is not a secret, she has been voting for the ANC since 1994 to date and will continue to vote for the ANC. Mosidi says though the ruling party has made some mistakes, she believes that the party will correct its wrongs and do much better in the next term.

“I am very happy to have voted for the ANC, I love the ANC, I love Ramaphosa and today I am living free and can move around as I please. The ANC liberated us from the apartheid government,” said Mosidi Goitsimodimo.

Baitsi Moroka said she is not excited, neither is she sad to have voted because to her, it is just like any other voting day. However, she will see with the outcome of the elections whether there will be change or not.

“The party that I have voted for makes sense and has a vision, I believe that they will bring change should they be given a chance; but it takes all of us to make a difference because the party that is governing now has failed us. Change will come,” said Moroka.

She said she wants to see change towards the high unemployment rate, the dilapidated infrastructure and many more.


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