SALGA and Free State Legislature tie the knot

SALGA and Free State Legislature tie the knot

After nearly five years of negotiations, the South African Local Government Association (SALGSA) and the Free State Legislature (FSL) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Tuesday, 26 March 2024 to strengthen their relationship.

The MOU marks a milestone for both parties and the province at large, as it welcomes SALGA into the Rules and Orders of the FSL, setting the stage for closer collaboration and cooperation. The FSL was represented by the Legislature Speaker Hon. Zanele Sefuba and SALGA Chairperson in the Free State Lawrence Mathae

According to the SALGA Chairperson Cllr Lawrence Mathae, the signing of the MOU formalises the relations between the two parties in writing. He explained that the MOU is designed to establish a uniform approach for SALGA’s participation in the law-making, oversight, and public participation processes of the FSL by harmonising these efforts, the MOU ensures that SALGA’s involvement is consistent and effective across various areas of governance within the FSL.

“This is indeed a milestone because it marks a solid relationship that has existed between the Legislature and organised local government over the past 28 years from during the days of provincial local government associations. It is also auspicious as it takes place when we celebrate 30 years of our democracy. This should be a relationship that should be conferred to the next generation of leaders who will come into the space,” said Mathae.

The Chairperson said the milestone is a testament to the commitment of both SALGA and the FSL to working together to strengthen local government and enhance service delivery for the people of the Free State.

“As we look to the future, we are confident that this partnership will continue to grow and flourish, bringing about positive change and development for all,” he said.


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