Rise Mzansi has an ace card up its sleeves

Rise Mzansi has an ace card up its sleeves

Rise Mzansi National Leader Mr Songezo Zibi says his one year old party is gaining rapid momentum in the Free State province during his campaigning visit in Matjhabeng, Welkom on Wednesday, 24 April 2024.

Zibi made his first stop in G section at an incomplete housing project that has been there since 2015; before heading to Orage Groove soccer ground to address the mass meeting. The National Leader alleges that the same contractor currently appointed at the housing project, is the same contractor who is appointed at another incomplete housing project in Mangaung.

Next to the housing project in G section, is an illegal dumping site; just across the road of the project going into G Hostel is a disheartening scene of sewer spillage flowing down the street and into the hostel.

Songezo Zibi says, though it is election campaigning season, he has been criss-crossing the country since last year talking to communities addressing their challenges; finding ways on how they can participate in resolving those challenges since national, provincial and local government has failed them.

“I think this area we are in is an example of that, things like the housing project, especially this one, is a combination of national government, provincial and local government, and none of them are working properly together,” said Zibi.

The Rise Mzansi Leader says the party is growing in the Free State, one of the most surprising things about Rise Mzansi is that there was an expectation that the party will not qualify for elections in all provinces; he said the Free State qualified quickly and even exceeded the numbers that were needed.

“The Free State, in the last five to six months has grown beyond our own expectations, so people are going to see a lovely surprise from Rise Mzansi in the Free State,” he said.

When asked about the growth stats of the party in the province, Zibi played his cards close to his chest but said his party in the province is in a good space and that they monitor the growth of the party on a weekly basis; they recruit quality members who understand the ideology of the party. He said before signing up members, they explain to them what the party is all about.

The Free State is one province plagued by unemployment and poverty, asked on how Rise Mzansi is going to deal with economic and unemployment issues, Zibi said fixing local government and fixing local infrastructure is absolutely key in building a regional and local economy that works.

He alluded to the lack of service delivery which affects business and investment in any municipality. Pointing to the sewer spillage, he said it must be considered that every business, every home is in a municipality.

“It is not possible to then say you are going to create jobs in a mess like this because having this collected (referring to the illegal dumping site) every day, someone needs to do that, that’s a job. Fixing the water infrastructure, the road infrastructure and electricity; putting up housing which supposed to have been done long time ago (referring to the incomplete housing project) you create opportunities for local enterprises,” said Zibi.

Sengezo Zibi says Rise Mzansi’s plan is to put dysfunctional municipalities under administration and ensure that the funds in those municipalities are used properly and bring a lot of public and private investment to invest in the infrastructure; train people so that they can qualify for jobs, so that they can get meaningful jobs and earn a leaving wage.

“As far as the Free State is concerned, there are three areas that I think are important, I have mentioned the governance because you can’t fix the economy without it, the second thing is resurrecting manufacturing; especially in the southern part of the Free State that used to be the manufacturing hub of central South Africa, which is not there.

Thirdly, is working out what to do with the former mining areas, such as Welkom and Virginia because it is important that you build around the infrastructure that is already there. It is possible to pivot from core mining industries to engineering and technical areas that can supply those skills and those services, not just in the Free State but in other areas as well.

But when you’ve got leaders with no vision, they rely on doing something just before the elections to pretend they are creating jobs and don’t create them,” said Zibi.


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