Multi-party to rescue South Africa

Multi-party to rescue South Africa

South Africa is faced with a myriad of challenges including crime, corruption, GBVF and substance abuse amongst others. The Multi-Party Charter for South Africa has raised its hand and positioned itself as the messiah of South Africa to save it from these social ills and from the ruling party.

The Multi-Party Charter, of which one of its objectives is to reduce ANC votes to below 50%, says it will announce its Charter Government’s plan to combat crime, corruption and drugs on Wednesday during a press briefing. The eleven parties say the systematic plan to professionalise the SAPS, strengthen the NPA, dismantle illicit drug networks, and criminalise the abuse of power will be fully unpacked.

The Multi-Party Charter for South Africa says there has been decades of opportunities to rid the country of crime and corruption, but due to governance failure, they have lost confidence in the criminal justice system’s ability to effectively deter; arrest and punish. Because of the escalated levels of crime and corruption, citizens live in constant fear and money that is supposed to benefit communities and the economy, is being redirected into the hands of thieves.

The Multi-Party Charter will reveal its plans on Wednesday 13 March 2024 at 11am.


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