Marchesi pledges to serve the community faithfully

Marchesi pledges to serve the community faithfully

Rise Mzansi Free State Provincial Convenor Nomsa Marchesi, after traversing the province over the past months campaigning and promising the masses of what the party will bring on the table, she has on Saturday, 25 May 2024 taken a step further by signing a pledge with the community that she will serve with diligence.

Marchesi during her campaign trail promised to address the challenges that the Free State citizens are faced with on a daily basis. She promised that the party will address issues of service delivery, deal with corruption and create employment and economic development in the province.

Her campaign trail was not just an electioneering stunt or a hit and run, she committed herself to the community in her home town during the homecoming event in Bloemfontein on 25 May 2024, where she signed a contract in front of the community members.

Namsa Marchesi pledged that she will be accessible to her constituency at all times, at no point will her phone be off and people struggle to reach her. She pledged to be accountable, that all that she said she will do, she will return to the people and give feedback.

Marchesi further pledged to be brave, to face up to the powerful and ask the difficult questions on behalf of the residents, whether in parliament or in the private sector and demand answers. She pledged to be clean by not engaging in corrupt activities including taking or giving kickbacks.

The Provincial Convenor, who is a former decorated parliamentarian, says she is ready to serve and has committed herself to bring about positive change in the Free State province. Marchesi comes with impressive academic achievements and global exposure and carries with her impressive accolades.

During her campaign trail, she engaged with community members to hear from them and see what they need. The Rise Mzansi leader in the province said, given a chance, the party will return the Free State province to its former glory as the breadbasket of South Africa.


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