Kristalina Georgieva gets second term

Kristalina Georgieva gets second term

The Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has extended Kristalina Georgieva’s stay in office as Managing Director of the IMF with another five year term.

Georgieva assumed office during a challenging time in global economy for her first term, and was diligent in ensuring strong fiscal policies for countries to survive the waves of global shocks. The Managing Director criss-crossed economies; dealing with the pandemic, wars, global warming and policy making.

In her acceptance speech, Kristalina Georgieva said she is grateful for the trust and support by the Executive Board represented by 190 members; she said she is honoured to continue to serve for a second term as Managing Director of the IMF.

“In recent years, the IMF has helped our member countries to navigate successive shocks, including the pandemic, war and conflicts, and a cost-of-living crisis.  We also stepped up our work on climate change, fragility and conflict, and the digital transition, in line with their increased significance for macroeconomic and financial stability, growth and employment.

The IMF’s financial support, policy advice and capacity development work, delivered by our exceptional staff; have contributed to countries’ capacity to deal with high uncertainty and abrupt shifts in economic conditions. We are and will remain a transmission line of good policies for our members and will continue to strive to be more effective, incisive and a welcoming place for countries to come together to tackle global challenges,” said Georgieva.

The Managing Director said she is looking forward to continue serving member states with her highly professional and committed team of the IMF.


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