Infant MKP falling apart ahead of elections

Infant MKP falling apart ahead of elections

Whose pacifier is it really? Just eight months into the political space and weeks before the national and provincial elections, the uMkhonto weSizwe Party (MKP) is already experiencing power struggles and infighting.

The President and Founder of MKP has put the face and President of MKP Jacob Zuma on precautionary suspension pending a disciplinary hearing. This follows claims that Zuma has placed himself president of the party and that there are rumours that the former president intends to high jack the party.

In his letter dated 5 May 2024, Khumalo says he is part of the executive committee of MKP, of which Zuma is not part of. However, on 23 April 2024, he was called by several individuals who were also not members of the executive committee; they told him Jacob Zuma had removed him as president of the party and that he will take over the reigns as president.

“During that meeting a fraudulent letter was prepared for transmission to the Electoral Commission announcing that I would no longer be on the list of candidates and that Zuma would be the face and president of MKP. I sent a letter to the Electoral Commission, in which I confirmed that Mr Zuma will be the face of the party. At no stage did I confirm that Mr Zuma would be the president of the party,” said Jabulani Khumalo in his letter.

Khumalo said he formed the party and formerly registered it with the IEC on 7 September 2024, before registering, he consulted with Jacob Zuma, who told him he needs a name associated with the ANC as the masses are fond with the ruling party and even suggested the name uMkhonto weSizwe Party; he says Zuma also assisted in raising the R705 000 needed to register the party.

It was understood that the former president will only endorse MKP; he even suggested that the official launch of the party be on 16 December because that is the date on which the military wing of the liberation party uMkhoto weSizwe was launched. During the launch, Mr Zuma affirmed that he remains a member of the ANC but will vote MKP, but now Zuma has changed his tune.

“Furthermore, it has been widely discussed within MKP that after elections, certain individuals, including an active member and leader of an opposition party will take over as president of MKP. Mr Zuma’s daughter Ms Duduzile Zuma has also persistently and publicly disgraced my name,” said Jabulani Khumalo.

Khumalo has since suspended Jacob Zuma for misconduct and violating the constitution of the party bringing the party into disrepute.

The IEC is yet to respond to our media inquiry.


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