IEC employee dismissed for leaking nomination lists

IEC employee dismissed for leaking nomination lists

Following internal investigations by the Electoral Commission (IEC) on the leaked political party’s nomination lists; the Commission has dismissed one of its employees who was responsible for leaking the lists.

The Chief Electoral Officer Sy Mamabolo explained that, following complains by political parties regarding the leaking of their nomination lists, the IEC was swift in implementing an internal investigation into the unauthorised circulation of candidate lists to establish the circumstances that led to the circulation of the lists and those involved.

In their preliminary findings, the Commission found that indeed one of its employees has been involved in the leaking of the nomination lists; and his employment contract was subsequently terminated. The IEC explained that the employee had rights to access the system and reports but was not authorised to distribute or circulate the information. Without revealing much, the Commission said the official is from one of the local offices of the Commission.

“While this incident is regrettable, our actions demonstrate our commitment to transparency and accountability. The Electoral Commission maintains the highest level of integrity, ethics, and professionalism. Any behaviour that violates our code of conduct or undermines the credibility of the organisation cannot be tolerated,” said Chief Electoral Officer Sy Mamabolo.

Mamabolo said the motive for the leaking of the lists is yet to be determined as investigations are still on going. He also affirmed South Africans that the Electoral Commission remains committed and is ready to deliver credible 2024 national and provincial elections.


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