Free uniform for pupils

Free uniform for pupils

The Commander in Chief (CIC) and President of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Julius Malema told the coloured community in Reiger Park, Gauteng, that when he assumes the number one office in the land he will provide free uniform for learners.

The country will be heading to the polls in May this year and political parties are in full swing to persuade voters to vote for them. The parties are criss-crossing the country launching their manifestos; the EFF on Sunday visited Reiger Park where Julius Malema made promises on what the party will do for the people in country should the EFF emerge victorious.

Malema said his government will make sure that pupils attend school for free and get free uniform.

“We are led by some people who appear to have lost their minds; they say this one who wants to make a good future for herself must buy uniform; but a prisoner like Gayton McKenzie was having free uniform in prison. He is a beneficiary of free uniform in prison,” said the CIC.

Malema told the audience that prisoners are living much better lives compared some community members who live in shacks and small houses and have no toilets in their houses, in contrast, prisoners have flushing toilets, eat three times a day, have electricity and get free uniform.

Julius Malema said the people must fight for their rights and that prisoners cannot have more rights than people who are free. He said they must fight for their children to have a better life by voting for the EFF.

“Children must go to school free of charge, no uniform, they must get books and get meals at school. They must eat at school because there is no child who can think on an empty stomach. We want these children to excel, we want these children to be perfect; lets tell you, we have to make sure that they eat. They have to eat because a child must not be struggling as to where is the next meal going to come from, that is why in the EFF we are fighting to increase the child support grant to R1000,” said Julius Malema.


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