Correcting wrongs of the past

Correcting wrongs of the past

From when he assumed office of the Premier in the Free State Province, Mr Mxolisi Dukwana vowed to correct the wrongs made by the preceding administration led by former Premier and ANC Secretary General Dr Ace Magashule.

The Zondo Commission heard evidence on how the provincial government spent tax payers money, R255 million on a project to remove asbestos roofs that never happened; the project was awarded to Edwin Sodi’s questionable company. Both Sodi and Magashule alongside other beneficiaries from the project are before the court in Bloemfontein to answer for the ills that happened.

Coupled with that, was the housing project in Hillside View, Bloemfontein. The project was without scandal as well, there were allegations and media reports that government officials were illegally occupying the houses and renting them out to undeserving people while people on the long list of beneficiaries have been in waiting for eons to receive houses and their dignity restored. Two officials were arrested by the Hawks then.

The housing project was riddled with scandals and unhappiness; in recent years there was an outcry by community members that the houses stand unoccupied and as a result are being vandalised. The grass was overgrown and resembled one of the many neglected housing projects in the province while thousands remain without proper housing.

Removing asbestos roofing is saving people from suffering from lung cancer, mesothelioma and asbestosis amongst other serious diseases. Much to their joy, residents in Mangaung Metro received houses with new roofs.

The Free State Premier Mxolisi Dukwana and the MEC for CoGTA and Human Settlement Mr Ketso Mokume officially kicked-off the asbestos roof removal project on Tuesday, 30 April 2024. Over 34 houses are currently undergoing removal of asbestos roofing; according to the department, more houses will undergo the same process across the province.

The Premier and MEC further handed over houses in Hillside View to beneficiaries who have been waiting for too long to occupy their homes. Some of them were moving from a shack to a new and dignified home; marking a new beginning for them.

Dukwana and Makume also handed over 477 title deeds to community members in Mangaung, making them first time land owners, a legacy they can leave for their children and the coming generations.

Premier Dukwana is on a drive to correct the mistakes of the past and restore the dignity of the people of the Free State, by promoting health and dignity. The initiative will also restore the dignity of the province as it is viewed as one of the most corrupt provinces in the country following the asbestos and Gupta linked Vrede Dairy farm scandals.


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