Banyana Banyana will miss Paris

Banyana Banyana will miss Paris

Nigeria came into the game last night leading 1-0 on aggregate having an advantage over Banyana Banyana. The African champions were to score two goals if they were to win the game.

The Spur Falcons only had to sit back and defend their advantage on aggregate; the match was for Banyana Banyana to make a breakthrough and score an early goal, but as the game kicked-off, the senior women’s team had a bad start and Nigeria were dominating Banyana Banyana physically.

As moments passed to score an early goal, the more pressure Banyana Banyana felt to win against their arch rival. The match went to break with a goalless draw and Nigeria leading 1-0 on aggregate.

In the second, the African queens performed much better having found their footing, they pressed at Nigeria searching for a goal. As time slipped away, the ladies became more desperate for a goal. The Spur Falcons remained resolute on defending their advantage.

Coach Desire Ellis made some changes to her squad, but that proved futile as the fresh legs were not able to make a difference. The referee blew the last whistle of the game, which also blew the chance of Banyana Banyana to go to Paris for the 2024 Olympics away.

Nigeria will jet off to Paris to participate in the Olympics that will take place from 26 July to 11 August 2024.


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