ANC NEC agree to go for GNU

ANC NEC agree to go for GNU

The ANC took the nation into its confidence on Thursday evening at the Birchwood Hotel in Boksburg, Johannesburg where the President of the party Mr Cyril Ramaphosa told the media that the ANC has opted for a Government of National Unity (GNU).

Ramaphosa said the negotiating task team has made preliminary talks with the Economic Freedom Fighter (EFF), Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP), the National Freedom Party (NFP), Patriotic Alliance (PA) and the Democratic Alliance (DA). After much deliberations; the National Executive Committee (NEC) has opted for a GNU.

He said the ANC will not discriminate against any party and is willing to enter into negotiations with any progressive party to reach a workable solution for South Africans. The President said the aim of the GNU is to address the concerns of South Africans which include employment, growing an inclusive economy and lowering the cost of living, service delivery and the high rate of crime, none racialism and none sexism.

Ramaphosa said the liberation party has accepted the outcome of the elections which resulted in the ANC receiving just above 40%. He said the people have spoken and therefore require them to work together with other parties.

“We accept these outcomes of the elections as the will of the people of South Africa. The ANC has emerged from these elections as the largest political party in the country; we are humbled by the confidence by the people of South Africa they have shown in the African National Congress, we now say as the National Executive Committee that we have heard the concerns of the people of South Africa, we have also heard their frustrations and recognise their aspirations.

The 40% ANC vote is recognition that the ANC remains a pivotal part in a country’s search for a way forward and that there can be no solution in our country without the ANC,” said Cyril Ramaphosa.

Cyril Ramaphosa said the confidents shown by the people means that the ANC is responsible to ensure that there is progress, peace, stability and unity in the country; as such they have looked at various options of government formations, putting the people’s concerns first, the NEC decided in principle to go for a GNU.

“We further said such an agreement of working with others, must be based on a common minimum programme that focuses on measurable targets for economic growth and inclusion and service deliver and development. All parties must commit to share value, nation building and social cohesion.

These values include the respect of the constitution of the Republic of South Africa and the rule of law; social justice and equity, human dignity, none racialism and none sexism. These values also include stability, accountability, transparency, integrity, community participation and good governance,” said Ramaphosa.

The ANC President said these agreements should be in writing and in the public in order to hold the parties accountable. He said the ANC will reach out to parties with the proposed GNU with the values expressed. The ANC will be working with likeminded parties in uniting the nation and leave out those who want to cause chaos in the country.

Out of all the options at its disposal, Ramaphosa said a government of national unity is the most viable in uniting the nation and delivering services and building the country’s economy.


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