ANC aims for seventh term in power

ANC aims for seventh term in power

The African National Congress (ANC) in the Free State held its Siyanqoba rally as part of its campaign trail in Xhariep, South of the province led by PEC member Cmdr. Seiso Mohai on Saturday, 11 May 2024.

Talking to a full to capacity Motlakeng Stadium in Zastron, Mohai said the ANC will be going into the elections united and strong, he told his audience that they should make sure that the Congress returns to power with an outright majority win.

Aligning himself with the ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa; Seiso Mohai said the ruling party acknowledges its mistakes in past terms; since its rule, not everything has been glossy and they will fix their shortcomings and rid the party of the corrupt personnel within it.

“When the President says we accept our mistakes, he says we accept that we have been infiltrated by crooks, thieves and dishonest people in the ANC. We are happy that these crooks have their tails between their legs and are leaving the ANC. We have to stand and be strong, so that those who infiltrated our organisation thinking they will high jack it and turn the ANC into what it is not. The manifesto of the ANC says we need to do everything to rid the ANC of the people who don’t want to serve the nation,” said Mohai.

The PEC member said the biggest aim of the Congress, is to create jobs, have many people working in order to reinstate their dignity. He said the ANC government will invest over R3 trillion to resuscitate the manufacturing industry and invest in technology which will in turn create jobs and boost the economy of the province and that of the country. Mohai says people must consume what they produce, in that way, a lot of jobs will be created.

Seiso Mohai says the party will also turn the satellite TVET College in Xhariep to a fully fleshed TVET college as a means of investing in education, which is vital to effectively compete in the divers industries. He told the crowd that accommodation for students will be made available and be paid for through the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS).

Mohai said the ANC government will make sure that there will be no more sewerage spillages in communities, they will fix the sewer networks, they will also fix the roads so that communities have proper constructed roads that link towns, and build bridges so that community members will no longer struggle in crossing certain areas due to flooding.

In his subliminal messaging, he told the people to block out the tribalist party and the cult party and vote for the ANC in the upcoming elections on 29 May 2024, in order to protect the gains that the ANC government has made.


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