ActionSA offers an alternative to failed politics

ActionSA offers an alternative to failed politics

ActionSA has put its Free State Leader Patricia Kopane forward as its premier candidate in the province. As the date to the polls draws closer, political parties are out and about criss- crossing the country to woo voters to elect them into office.

The Business Weekly had the privilege to be in conversation with Patricia Kopane in September 2022, when she joined the party, the brave, hardworking and relentless leader said she is dedicated in building and growing ActionSA in the Free State. As part of a follow up, the Spokesperson of ActionSA in the Free State Nomawethu Sbukwana said ActionSA is growing more than expected.

“Yes, it is growing fast in townships, suburbs, rural villages and the most pleasant surprise is how fast it has grown in farming communities and in small towns,” said Sbukwana.

Like many other parties, ActionSA will be contesting the national and provincial elections and aims to win; however, should they win, they will be inheriting a country that has many challenges and need to be fixed. Sbukwana says some of the immediate issues to attend to include roads and sanitation.

She says they are top of the list if they are to attract investors into the province and grow the economy. Nomawethu Sbukwana says Free State roads are in a terrible state and need immediate attention.

“If we hope to attract investors this needs to be a priority. Sewage is flowing unabated in the streets; this is a gross human rights violation. People are living with a terrible stench, we will prioritize this,” she said.

The land matter has been playing itself out in the province, with community members tired of waiting for too long invading land, threatening stability in municipalities and making investors uneasy. Sbukwana says in order to deal with the land issue; ActionSA will accelerate public housing development in cities especially high-rise buildings in urban centres. This will ensure that everyone has access to affordable housing that is close to employment opportunities and quality services.

The Free State province, being at the centre of the country has great economic potential with numerous industrial opportunities. Nomawethu Sbukwana says ActionSA has plans to improve the economy of the province.

“We envision a responsible free-market economy that is concerned with growth and prosperity for all South Africa. Achieving this means that the barriers to economic growth must be removed to encourage entrepreneurship and new job opportunities.

We will invest in economic infrastructure and increase community safety to improve the informal business environment. We will enforce an increased police presence in informal settlements to prevent crime and maintain safe environments for businesses and their customers.

We will transform South Africa’s cities into inclusive economic centres by reclaiming hijacked buildings and unused factories for private sector development. Buildings will be developed for mixed-use and provide affordable renting opportunities for businesses,” explained the Spokesperson.

 Growing the economy and encouraging entrepreneurship amongst young people will help create the much needed jobs in the province. Sbukwana says the province has the largest unemployment rate amongst the youth. As such, the party will reform the national minimum wage regulations to encourage the employment of young South Africans who are struggling to gain employment.

“ActionSA will implement a minimum-wage system that calculates wages based on the upper-bound poverty line relative to years of work experience.

Stable employment is one of the best ways to achieve ­financial success. We will make it easier for employers to hire new staff members by reforming the Basic Conditions of Employment Act of 1997 to reduce employers’ burden regarding the dismissal of non-performing employees,” she said.

Service delivery goes hand in clove with investor attraction and a stable municipality. The Free State has been plagued with service delivery protests in most of its municipalities over the years. Asked on how ActionSA is going to deal with the issue of service delivery; Nomawethu Sbukwana responded:

“We will fi­x underperforming municipalities by placing the service delivery needs of residents first. ActionSA will set minimum acceptable turnaround times for the resolution of service delivery issues, like pothole repairs and water leaks. We will hold offi­cials and departments accountable for non-performance.

De-centralise service delivery; citizens are best served by the governments that are closest to them. We will gradually and responsibly transfer more service delivery responsibilities to local governments. Local governments can ensure more sustainable service delivery to residents, and shoulder government duties related to social development, public transport, and law enforcement,” said Sbukwana.

Polls show that there might not be an outright win for any party; South Africa might be faced with a coalition government post 29 May 2024. However, ActionSA is not fussy on who it goes into a coalition government with saying a coalition government is the future of South Africa, and would work with anyone who shares the same vision of a new government of building a just, inclusive and prosperous South Africa based on opportunity, freedom, and security for all its citizens.

Asked on why people should vote for ActionSA; Sbukwana responded:

“ActionSA has a plan to generate millions of new jobs, foster safer communities, secure our borders, ensure access to quality education and healthcare for all, and, for the fi­rst time, promote the inclusive empowerment of all previously disadvantaged South Africans, as well as those hindered by three decades of neglectful, unethical, and unpatriotic governance.

We offer the most credible alternative to the failed politics of the establishment. This will inspire millions of South Africans to take action by going to the polls on the 29th of May and vote for an alternative that prioritises the needs of the people. Because only action will fi­x South Africa,” she concluded.


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